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Benitek USA Computer, Inc. is a PC system builder specializing in systems based on Intel's Pentium® II, III, IV and AMD® processors. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company began operations in 1995. We build and market a full line of PC systems based on Intel's chipsets and processors, which we sell fully configured with the industry's leading peripherals. In addition to PC systems, we sell a variety of popular games and multimedia equipment, and a comprehensive selection of brand name PC peripherals

We sell our PC systems and distribute major brand products through two distinct marketing channels. The first channel is direct by mail-order to corporate, government, educational, and SOHO customers. We reach this market by advertising in major end-user publications such as Micro Times and Computer Currents.

The other Market we sell to is the reseller channels, specifically value added resellers (VARs) and independent dealers. We reach these prospects by mail-order advertising in major reseller publications such as VAR BUSINESS and Government Computer News.

Our strategy is to develop our position as a niche Intel OEM and to deliver products at the forefront of PC technology. In 1998, both our markets will demand video teleconferencing, fast Internet access, powerful business computers able to handle true 32-bit Windows NT applications, and complete multimedia solutions that integrate home and business functions with consumer electronics. We are prepared to meet these demands with innovative and affordable PC solutions

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